First steps

Login dialog

Přihlašovací dialog
  • .Opens a small demo evidence showing what a home accounting of a four-member family can look like

  • .Opens a demo evidence of an entrepreneur

  • In demo evidences you can browse and try the basic functions of the application

  • .enables to set up the font for all the application. This function will be appreciated especially by people with worse eyesight or a computer with lower resolution

  • User name, password - the user enters his/her login details here

  • There is also a (no name) evidence with a blank user`s name and password. That means that the user can just click the button [Login].
    With this evidence the user can change his/her password anytime and protect it from unauthorized access

  • [Create] - creates a new evidence with a name which is currently stated in a box User name with a password which is filled in a box Password.

  • Wrong password indication If user fill wrong password, is this event indicated by red background of field Password

  • User can initiate the login dialogue anytime again with the login icon Login menu item. This choice can switch the individual evidences anytime

  • Number of evidences which can be handled by one program is !UNLIMITED! It enables to try various alternatives of a planing future development and application can be used by more users on one PC without the risk of a mutual data leak.

Entry form of the rows

Record of data into the books

Hlavní okno aplikace

We can start the entry form of the lines using menu item .Entry

The form is divided into five basic parts
  1. A list of Books with the balances (cash desks, accounts, credits, loans)

  2. A list of manipulations with the sums of a currently displayed period +/- Incomes expenditures
    Kinds of financial manipulations with summarized +/- Incomes expenditures

  3. Period - setting the period for which the lines in part 5 will be displayed and the sums in the list of manipulations will be also quantified for this interval. (part 2)

  4. Form of a new line enables to entry the data into a new line, these data will be recorded into the book after pressing the button OK ok in this form

  5. Listing of the rows - there are clearly displayed the rows, ordered according to a journal

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* Printing of a help is possible using the keys [Ctrl][P] simultaneously